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AIM Consulting becomes a new sector of the Group

With a strong focus on diversification, AIM Group International has started AIM Consulting to provide leadership for its clients and partners. AIM Consulting’s analysis of the market’s demands in products and innovative approaches is focused on giving added value. This was the content of the presentation by AIM Consulting held Thursday, October 8 at the headquarters of Assolombarda in Milan.

Gianluca Buongiorno, President of AIM Group International, introduced the Group during the AIM Consulting presentation: "We have 15 offices in 11 countries, organize 3,000 events each year, have grossed 95 million euro, are the Core PCO for 26 international and 18 national associations and have consolidated framework contracts with 20 pharma companies, we do not want to stop here. Our vision of the group can be translated into two words: diversification and innovation."

Innovation for AIM Group means looking at things in different ways because creating custom-made solutions combines innovated thinking and our 55 years of know-how.

How does this translate in a practical way? Stefano Remiddi, Strategic Business Consultant for the Group sums up the new reality for AIM Consulting: "We want to marry the objectives of our clients while helping them achieve competitive advantage and support their growth by offering solutions to complex problems."

AIM Consulting has been working on several exciting projects.

A Marketing Academy for the Healthcare sector offering a structured program for companies, from providing market research, mapping the market and targets, the evaluation of results to the management of patent loss because of new models of integrated digital communication.

Certification Projects for the Field of Tourism (MICE).  These projects are already underway. They analyse and study the risk of Legionnaires' disease as well as propose ad hoc training programs to help hotel chains, hotels, and congress centers improve their competitiveness and enhance their market presence.

AIM Consulting’s results arise from the specific needs of its clients providing customized analysis of the problem and appropriate solutions with the support of selected partners throughout the world.

Also attending the October 8 roundtable were some of the Group’s selected partners: the Law Firm Studio Astolfi e Associati, Clicon for Market Access & Health Technical Assessment, MediPragma for Market Research and the multi-channel communication agency vanGoGh.

"We are not just another consulting company offering a standardized plan. We offer the client a proactive strategy. We serve and provide value with the constant attention that our clients deserve. Our goal is to identify ways to travel together while working on real needs and building a long-term strategic game plan”, concludes Stefano Remiddi after the presentation.

“With the initiation of AIM Consulting, AIM Group International breaks free from the traditional meetings industry’s business patterns”, concludes Gianluca Buongiorno. "We are making our future happen because we believe in our dreams.  Not just simple logistics but solutions and projects tailored for maximum success for our client".

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