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AlliedPRA preparing for record growth

The strategic decision taken early in 2015 to refocus AlliedPRA towards the domestic North American market has clearly worked.  Following a five-year trend of compound annual growth in sales in excess of 15% per annum, 2016 is already tracking to be a record year, with levels of program confirmations up almost double (+80%) year on year, with an exceptionally strong pipeline for 2016 and beyond

Denise Dornfeld, President of AlliedPRA, commented “Next year is shaping up to be a pivotal year for AlliedPRA, with this level of organic growth, several acquisition opportunities on the horizon and a major global partnership announcement due in the new year, it will come as no surprise to hear that we are currently looking to expand our senior team, starting with the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer”. 

The news comes on the heels of the extremely positive outlook for business growth for AlliedPRA with continued investment in staff increases at both the headquarters and across the 20 local destination offices to meet the growing business demand.  The new CEO position will work in parallel with Dornfeld in leading the company to solidify its position as the stand-out leader of the North American DMC market.  

AlliedPRA continues to experience positive client program success with outstanding service delivery and continued business development, while ensuring its service offerings are aligned with the growing client demands and expectations.  

“We are experiencing a positive growth path for our company, unlike any other years in the past decade,” shared Dornfeld. “The strong economic conditions combined with the exceptional service delivery and innovative program enhancements have clearly differentiated AlliedPRA. With our aggressive future plans, we need to broaden our executive team to work in collaboration with existing company leaders to ensure AlliedPRA remains in a position of strong growth.”  

Dornfeld continued: “I’m excited about the future outlook not only for our company but the industry as a whole. 2015 has been a tremendous year for AlliedPRA with over 3,500 successful programs operated, numerous accolades and awards presented to individuals on our team, and continued recognition as a leading force within our industry. As we expand our market share in North America and beyond, and prepare to announce global plans for strategic partnerships in 2016, I’m excited to expand our executive team to meet these goals and increased business opportunities. In effect, I am looking to put in place now, the next generation team to ensure we maintain the momentum we are experiencing.”

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