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Zibrant has information security at the heart of its operations

Zibrant, a UK market-leading accommodation venue find, meetings management and creative communications agency has recently achieved ISO 27001 certification through the successful implementation of information and security management processes.

As a result of this achievement, the business is now able to systematically identify and combat an entire range of potential threats and risks to information assets and provide assurance to customers that Zibrant will keep their data safe.   

With the increasing pressure on companies to comply with information security demands, across all industry sectors choosing a supplier able to meet stringent regulatory standards is a key part of the compliance process.  

Following an extensive and thorough audit carried out over the past few months by the accreditation body BSI, Zibrant was officially recognised as having established its management system in line with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.  

Helen McCabe, Managing Director - Operations at Zibrant said: “There can be no doubt that with the proliferation of mobile and handheld technology, online security has become a key focus for the meetings and events sector. We are reacting to a need for high security requirements with new business pitches, in one pitch alone there were over 145 questions on data security.   

“The ISO accreditation not only satisfies our own need for data security but assures clients that they are working with a company which takes data security seriously. In turn this allows visibility around risks, and the assurance that there is mitigation in place.”  

Following a full multi-site audit observing working practices, procedures and objectives, Zibrant received its official certificate of registration in September 2015. Zibrant was assessed across a number of fields including relevant documentation, scope of its information and security management processes such as Business Continuity, risk assessments and procedures as well as control checks appropriate to our type of business and size. As part of Zibrant’s Quality Management System credentials, this latest certification complements the ISO 9001 certification already held.  

ISO 27001 is part of the ISO 27000 series, the generic name given to a family of international standards developed to provide a framework around which information and security management processes can effectively be implemented.

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