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Ubeeqo tackles UK fleet performance with Bettercar solution

Changing the paradigm from fleet management to fleet and driver management

Ubeeqo, whose majority stakeholder is Europcar, has launched its Bettercar proposition in the UK for the fleet and business travel sectors.  Tailored to address the specific needs of companies operating corporate fleets, Bettercar provides an innovative approach to business car pooling, encompassing fleet and traveller management.

“Businesses today face multiple challenges in managing employee travel”, explained Benoit Chatelier, founder of Ubeeqo.  “Of course, there is a constant pressure on cost, but alongside that there is a need to optimise productivity whilst managing employee wellbeing.  Environmental considerations must also be taken into account.   

“We believe the traditional approach to fleet ownership and management is outdated in addressing these multiple challenges.  It makes no sense to have a fleet sitting in a car park ‘just in case’ an employee needs a vehicle. But, equally, business users can’t be left without transport when they need it.  

“Bettercar provides the usual fleet management services in a highly innovative way. Using leading edge technologies, Bettercar changes the paradigm from fleet management to fleet and driver management. With Bettercar, fleet management is also about the drivers: how easy it is made for them to share the cars, how “eco-friendly” they drive, etc.  

Tailor-made car sharing
Bettercar Sharing offers companies dedicated car sharing vehicles, in their car park and ready to use by authorised drivers, for business or private travel.  Fleet sizes can, therefore, be reduced by sharing vehicles rather than owning or renting them. The customised service, which includes regular servicing, maintenance and cleaning, also enables companies to endorse sustainable mobility solutions and minimise budgets spent on taxis and mileage allowances.  

Connecting to Bettercar Sharing
Users simply register and reserve a car for a selected period of time. The car is accessed using a card or smartphone, making it a fast, simple and convenient booking and collection process. Every car includes access to customer service and breakdown assistance. Once the journey is over, users simply return the vehicle to its parking space and replace the keys in the glove box, leaving the vehicle, which locks automatically.  

Integrated fleet and driver management
Bettercar Connected is the fleet management solution from Ubeeqo which utilises on-board electronics to deliver accurate real-time data on vehicle usage. With this insight, improved cost control can be achieved by reducing fuel consumption and managing maintenance. The technology is also designed to influence driver behaviour, with innovative communications solutions, including ‘gamification’, integrated to encourage better eco-driving and road safety.  

Bettercar Connected uses innovative and powerful mobility management software, to enable businesses to create a bespoke fleet management solution for their specific needs.  

“Working with key brands in Europe, including Airbus, Bosch, L’Oreal, Michelin and Societe Generale, we have already achieved significant savings of up to 38% for clients through reductions in owned fleets and the implementation of genuine car pooling and sharing”, continued Benoit Chatelier.   

“Now, UK companies can benefit from the flexibility of the Bettercar offering, helping them focus on more eco-friendly transport solutions, as well as reducing costs and improving productivity.  We firmly believe this is a real step-change in business mobility, accessible to businesses of all sizes and supporting all levels of business travel requirements.”

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