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Notification from Marketing Greece for Travellers

Marketing Greece have released the following in view of any concerns that holidaymakers currently in Greece, or due to visit Greece in the coming days and weeks, may have due to recent developments in the country, it should be noted that the authorities have confirmed that the daily ATM withdrawal limit at Greek banks do not affect credit and debit card issued abroad, for which the daily withdrawal limits remain unchanged.

Visitors will, therefore, be able to use their cards as they would during any other visit to Greece, either at ATMs or through transactions at hotels and shops and for services.  

This was explained in a statement by Greece’s Economy Ministry, to which belongs the Tourism Ministry, on June 29.  

“[The Ministry] informs all who are visiting Greece, or planning to visit, that the measures the Greek government has imposed, limiting the movement of capital within the country, do not affect those who wish to make cash withdrawals from ATMs or carry out bank transactions with debit and credit cards that have been issued abroad,” said the statement.  

“It should be noted that the country has ample fuel supplies and access to the products and services required to ensure that visitors to Greece’s urban centres, rural areas and islands fully enjoy their stay.”  

It added that the country “continues to guarantee the provision of high-quality services to its visitors, who have positioned Greece among the world’s leading destinations.”  

Therefore, while the updated travel advice of most countries that visitors to Greece should bring extra cash with them is sound under the circumstances, holidaymakers may feel reassured that there is no reason for concern.  

There are no disruptions in tourist destinations, or in the operation of hotels and tourism-related activities. The latest political and economic developments affect local residents only.

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