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AIM Group: Improving lives through a socially responsible partnership

AIM Group International
Engaging human emotions is the most powerful tool you can use to enrich the impact of any project. That is why at IMEX 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, AIM Group International took the step to engage the events industry into sharing light and emotion for a good cause. Little Sun is a social business addressing the need for light in a sustainable way that benefits communities without electricity, creates local jobs and generates local profits. All this is done with the help of an attractive high-quality LED lamp.

A global and socially responsible business, Little Sun works by setting the price of solar LED Little Sun lamps higher in areas of the world with electricity. Then Little Sun uses this on-grid investment to build their distribution system by making lamps available to off-grid users at locally affordable prices. This helps to make Little Sun’s clean, safe, and affordable source of light more accessible to the 1.1 billion people living without electricity. By contributing to Little Sun, AIM Group is investing in the delivery of light to those who need it most in our world.

In order to bring out the light in any event and to light those around the world, the socially responsible partnership between the Little Sun Project and AIM Group was formed. Little Sun is focused on putting the power of the sun in everyone’s hand, and AIM Group is the expert in putting on powerful events for their delegates. It’s hard to imagine life without electric power just as we cannot imagine life without the sun. Yet billions still live without electricity, this precious source of energy.

AIM Group International has always related to the energy and warmth of the sun and has projected that energy and warmth through the company’s philosophy and culture. The purpose of AIM Group is to bring extraordinary events to light by making them memorable and effective from many viewpoints. The meetings and events industry is globally connected. We proved at IMEX that together we can magnify our light to shine even brighter.

Gianluca Buongiorno, President at AIM Group International commented: “We approached Little Sun because we saw the similarities in the general approach and outcomes we both strive for. It made sense to use our participation at IMEX and involve the industry to spread the light and give more voice to this project. We hope that more event professionals will follow and help shine light in the many dark places left in the world.”Little Sun Sales Manager Andrea Heuer had this to say about the collaboration: „We are happy to collaborate with AIM Group International on bringing more light into the world and would like to thank them for supporting the Little Sun project by presenting our Little Sun lamps so beautifully at IMEX Frankfurt! We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration and hope that other event organizers will join the project as well.“

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