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American Express Global Corporate Payments announces new partnership with HRS Corporate

American Express Global Corporate Payments and hotel solutions provider HRS Corporate have today announced a new partnership. In the future, companies will be able to settle their centrally arising hotel expenses more easily and efficiently by offering business travellers an alternative way of paying rather than directly at the hotel. A joint IT interface between American Express Global Corporate Payments and HRS Corporate has made this possible.

The cashless Payment Solution makes the daily routine easier for both business travellers and Travel Managers.  During the booking, corporate customers can automatically generate a virtual credit card from their vPayment account to pay for their hotel accommodation. The solution ensures improved transparency and security as the period of validity and the transaction value can be individually determined for every payment. This way, companies ensure that only the amount of money that was approved for the booking is actually spent.  

HRS Corporate’s “Paperless Travel” means that business travellers will no longer need to deal with paper invoices and time-consuming travel expense accounting as the hotel sends the invoice to a predefined verification address, which is HRS Corporate in this case. In turn, companies benefit from digitally processed information that gives some indication of further savings potentials when it comes to hotel expenses. The new interface between the HRS IT system and American Express vPayment facilitates these improved processes.  

“Using vPayment is recommended for all centrally arranged expenses, but in particular, for handling hotel bookings for travellers who don’t have a company credit card,” says Karen Penney, VP and GM of American Express Global Corporate Payments and Small Business Services UK. The solution offers special added value for companies that have numerous travellers abroad. vPayment accounts can be set up in British pounds, euros as well as US dollars . Companies can therefore make flexible credit card payments without incurring any fees for currency translation or foreign assignments.  

Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS, underlines the benefits for corporate customers: “For business travellers, both booking and accounting becomes far easier. What’s more, the Travel Manager receives detailed reports of all hotel bookings and invoiced billing amounts through the Payment Solution. This is done digitally, which makes the processes far more efficient and cost-transparent.”

From June, the Payment Solution will be available for corporate customers in 20 European markets and can be used in all hotels worldwide that accept American Express.

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