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Live Group addresses Government Communications Service on events

The Live Group delivered a speech at the Government Communications Service (GCS) Campaigns and Marketing Conference last week, opening up new discussion on creating a long-term digital event strategy for the industry.
The Live Group is one of the biggest holders of government event contracts in the UK and delivers roughly 1,000 events for government in an average year. The group was invited to speak in the conferences ‘Engaging Your Audience’ track following its leadership over the last 18 months in digital event technology.

The conference took place at Facebook’s UK headquarters and was attended by senior leaders within the GCS. Also speaking at the conference were representatives from Facebook, Engine Partners, Twentsix, DODS, Bray Leino, Carat and LIDA.  

As departments throughout central Government strive to adopt and refine a working digital strategy, in line with the ‘Digital by Default’ Service Standard implemented in 2014, Live Group presented on the importance of coordinated, long-term digital strategies to support events and other communications campaigns.   

The presentation also addressed the need for an ongoing digital strategy brought about by a range of factors, beginning with the emerging new class of ‘millennials’ for whom technology is second nature, and who bring with them very different expectations when it comes to engaging with Government campaigns. The talk also considered the importance of using digital technology effectively to reach wider, more diverse audiences at lower cost, gather much richer intelligence, and finally the important role that digital technologies can play in mitigating the unnecessary environmental impact of the traditional event or campaign format.

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