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Events Incorporated take pity on Spring 'fools'

Events Incorporated Mr T look-a-like on segway
Events Incorporated have taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to their ‘April Fools’ campaign this morning, with Mr T look-a-like teasing those organisers who have yet to plan their summer outdoor event.
“Because of his well known phrases and team action, Mr T was the perfect character choice for our ‘fool’ campaign. We have also been able to showcase, in a light-hearted way, just some of the activities we can bring to outdoor events for staff, including team building”, said Sonia Dean, Managing Director at Events Incorporated.

"This includes Segways, mini -Landrover vehicles and zorb football. Although we are of course always very happy to respond to last minute event needs, we wanted to take this opportunity to prompt our audience into thinking and planning ahead for their summer schedule”.

The campaign, which maximises digital media, has already generated a buzz, with enquiries from clients wanting to find the right event venue and add a fun element to the day.

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