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Inaugural research reveals over half of delegates choose to remain anonymous when asking questions CEO Peter Komornik
Research carried out by audience interaction specialist has today revealed that 54% of delegates choose to remain anonymous when asking questions via the platform.  
Over 63,000 questions were analysed from events that took place in 2014 and 2015 in the inaugural annual research. CEO Peter Komornik comments: “In a time when audience engagement is becoming increasingly complex, owing to changing expectations and increased distractions, we need to be providing delegates with every opportunity to get involved with the discussions that are happening on stage.

“If over half of the audience are choosing to remain anonymous, we can assume that in a more traditional set up they wouldn’t have asked any questions at all. There is clearly a barrier to them putting their hand in the air, be it lack of confidence, embarrassment or any other reason for wanting to remain anonymous.”   

The platform allows users to ‘like’ questions asked by other audience members, pushing the question higher in the rankings and thus showing the direction they want the conversation to go. The research also revealed that anonymous questions get 63% more likes.  

Komornik continues: “This is the first in a series of annual research projects that we will be carrying out at I’m excited to see what will happen in the next 12 months and to see how delegate behaviour shifts as technology and expectations change.”

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