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The GTMC welcomes the findings from the latest Transport Committee report

The GTMC welcomes the findings from the latest Transport Committee report that smaller airports are limited by APD. The report has highlighted that not only could devolved APD in Scotland place airports in northern England at a competitive disadvantage but also that regional airports should be considered as part of the forthcoming expansion in the South East so that the whole country can reap the benefits.

Paul Wait CEO of the GTMC says, “It is reassuring to see that the Transport Committee is taking a national view on APD and airport expansion and we urge government to consider these findings carefully as it plans for the next phase of policies on air travel.  

“Within our recently launched election manifesto we advise that should any devolved administration reduce the level of APD in one part of the UK, the Government should ensure that the same levels are applied across the UK to match any reduction and ensure that no part of the country is put at a competitive disadvantage. It is also encouraging to see that this approach to APD now has the support of no less than 35 cross-party MPs – having recently signed an Early Day motion on the subject. The GTMC is campaigning for the ultimate abolition of APD so that those keen to do business abroad are no longer penalised and therefore able to drive economic growth for the UK in the global market. However, in the meantime if it is to continue, and is reduced in one part of the UK, then the same level must apply for other parts of the country. Likewise, investment in improving connections and increasing routes between the South East hubs will enable UK business travellers to connect from domestic airports thereby improving the opportunities for all business to travel not just those based near Heathrow and Gatwick.  

“Our recent research of business travellers highlighted that there is an appetite for more business travel should APD either be simplified or reduced. Indeed over half (51 per cent) stated that they would fly more frequently should APD be reduced. It is up to government to recognise this potential and the future benefits to the growth of the UK economy by supporting business travel and making it more accessible, both from a taxation and regional perspective.”

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