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Fare of London launches ‘Forgotten Fare’ campaign to highlight heritage UK foods

London-focused event and contract caterer Fare of London has announced a campaign set to highlight a range of UK heritage foods that are at risk of being forgotten in favour of more fashionable ingredients and produce. The ‘Forgotten Fare’ campaign is part of Fare of London’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2015 and further supports the company’s established ethos of local sourcing and supporting independent British food producers in its menus.

Working with its current network of food producers, Fare of London has set chefs on a mission to identify heritage ingredients and foods that could enjoy a revival on catering menus and support independent and artisan producers to help maintain our UK food heritage. Fare of London will be organising a series of Forgotten Fare events across its London client venues in the summer to showcase these forgotten foods.  

John Durden, Managing Director of Fare of London, says: “We have always been passionate about locally sourced produce and understanding the origins of our food. In recent years, it has become apparent that certain foods that were perhaps more traditional or produced by smaller independent firms were at risk of falling out of fashion or struggling to keep up with larger competitors. We are proud of the UK’s food heritage and want to help preserve some of the wonderful foods available by integrating these into our menus.  

“We are already aware of a number of ‘forgotten’ foods and our first priority is to scour the country for hidden gems of produce so that we can explore innovative ways of incorporating these into our menus and showcasing produce at our summer Forgotten Fare events. Our chefs are already on the case and enjoying the challenge so we look forward to seeing what they uncover.”

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