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Wine and gourmet tours for the autumn 2015 launched by BKWine

BBKWine recently launched the new wine tour and gourmet travel program for the autumn / fall season 2015. On the public program are two classic and luxurious wine tours, one to Bordeaux in France and one to the Douro Valley in Portugal. Together with custom designed wine tours and non-English tours BKWine will organise 30 tours in 2015.

Per Karlsson, one of the founders of BKWine, comments on the tours: “We have selected these two tours and the wineries carefully. They are small-group luxurious tours, without being overwhelmingly opulent. Our focus is on giving the traveller a top-quality wine and food experience and not on immersing in gilt. All the wine estates we visit give us a very personal welcome. In most cases it is the owner or the winemaker that receives us. We want our travellers to come back home with personal memories for life and with new friends.”

Britt Karlsson, the other co-founder of BKWine, comments on the programs: “When I plan the tours it is very important that all visits be very personal and not cookie-cutter visits. Most of the estates we visit know us since many years back so we get unique and personal welcomes. It is a great benefit that we are also wine writers and journalists, since that gives us quite different contacts than for standard travel operators. The food is also an important aspect. Typically meals are at wine estates. Some are at star chef level while others are home-cooked by the winery owners themselves.”

The tours extend over four nights. Each includes around ten winery visits and very gastronomic meals. All tours are accompanied by a professional wine tour manager, in most cases Britt and/or Per themselves. The Bordeaux wine tour goes from September 23 to 27. It includes visits to some of the most prestigious Bordeaux chateau as well as top-quality family-run estates with lunches at chateaux. Travellers will stay in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bordeaux itself.

The Douro Valley wine tour goes from October 21 to 25. It starts and ends in the beautiful city of Porto with two nights in a luxurious hotel far up in the valley. It shows the traveller some of the world’s most spectacular wine landscapes as well as many of Portugal’s best wines.

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