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AlliedPRA moves Europe to a partnership model

AlliedPRA, a leader in the destination management company (DMC) sector, has announced plans to move its operations to a partnership model in Europe.  This strategy is designed to allow the company to better compete internationally, serve its clients’ needs more effectively, while allowing it to focus on supporting the rapid growth of its solid and successful model in the North American operations.  While the European offices wind down operations, key team members will remain on staff, working closely with clients to help transition programs.

“Our core strength and grass roots are in North America,” shared Denise Dornfeld, President of North America. “Keeping the best interests of our valued clients in mind, we are able to take this opportunity to refocus on our primary markets in North America. By moving to the partnership model abroad, AlliedPRA will have a direct link to opportunities for clients seeking programs in Europe, while we build strength in North America to continue to deliver the innovative programs our clients have come to expect and appreciate from AlliedPRA - their trusted, Destination Management Company partner.”  

In 2014, revenues in North America grew to record levels, while the company opened new locations in Hawai’i and Washington, D.C., and recently acquired the previously independently owned franchise office in Palm Springs. The focus on growth in North America will continue with the company dedicating additional resources to further expand the breadth and depth of its successful model.  Additional acquisitions are targeted and new offices are already in the pipeline.  

“While we have just experienced a record-breaking sales year in the US and Europe, the current operational model continues to be a challenge in the European market.” shared Dornfeld. “The scale of business needed to maintain a consolidated DMC in Europe is not achievable in today’s economic climate, and therefore to protect clients and deliver programs in the fashion they expect and deserve, we are transitioning to a partnership model.  This will allow us to better compete and serve the best interest of our clients globally.  We value our long-standing, respected client partnerships and will ensure we make this transition as smooth as possible and will keep key members of staff on our accounts.  As a valued DMC partner, we are honoring every deposit acquired by AlliedPRA.”

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