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The company Christmas party is back in full swing finds Smart Group

Friday 19 December will be the busiest night for parties this festive season according to Smart Christmas Parties, the UK’s preeminent provider, which has seen huge growth for parties with a 30% increase in year-on-year ticket sales.

After years of companies holding on to the purse strings, bosses are treating their staff to a night out to thank, reward and motivate. As we enter the Christmas period Smart Group have undertaken the following research and survey into the rise in the office Christmas party.  

The company Christmas party is back in full swing according to Smart Group who will entertain more than 70,000 guests this Christmas:
·         In 2014 the average spend will be £101 per person – an increase of 28% from the height of the recession. This is 5% up year-on-year. 
·         Most telling is that Smart Group has seen a 30% increase in the numbers enjoying parties this year.
·         Demand for parties started early in 2014 with 50% of bookings made between July and September. 
·         Bosses remain savvy with their buying: value for money is the most important consideration, and in line with their duty of care for their employees, the location of the bash.   

·         On the Theme-ometer there are some definitive hot parties: ‘Christmas in New York’ is in high demand, and next year’s theme at Battersea Evolution, whereas previous favourites such as ‘From Russia with love’ are truly melting away!  
·         A survey of 1,000 full-time office workers (aged 18-49) found that 81% will be having a work Christmas party this year.  

The Smart Group will entertain guests this Christmas in London, Manchester and St Albans. The company has been established for over 20 years and is recognised for its thought leadership in the business of entertainment and events. 

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