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IET Venues sees the digitisation of events in 2015

Tech-savvy delegates will accelerate the use of technology in events according to UK venue group

2015 will see the digitisation of events as technology continues to take prominence throughout the industry. According to IET Venues, the next 12 months will see the acceleration of digital events as mobile continues to underpin its progress. 

Among its top predictions for 2015, IET Venues believes that wearable technology and beacons will begin to infiltrate the events industry allowing planners to take advantage and improve customer service levels during their events. Over the next 12 months, the venues group with locations in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, advises the industry to keep watch of three main technology trends, to ensure events continue to meet delegate expectations in 2015 and beyond:  

• iWearables for iEvents: With devices such as the Apple iWatch and Google Glass 2 set to become available in the UK next year, wearable technology is on the cusp of becoming mainstream causing a higher demand on venues’ Wi-Fi capabilities. This is further exasperated by the fact that people now expect a strong internet connection wherever they go. As video technology has also advanced it will be continually used to in both the promotion of and during events, which puts extra strain on the network. With this in mind, event organisers need to ensure the venue they choose has high enough bandwidth and broadband speeds to cope with this increased demand.  

• The enriched mobile experience: Mobile technologies such as Bluetooth beacons are beginning to be used in 2014 with events such as SXSW in Austin and Northside Festival in Brooklyn both being trendy early adopters of the technology. In 2015 the combination of event apps and beacons will become a popular way to engage event delegates with a more personalised experience using incentives and exclusive content via their mobile device. Again, event organisers need to ensure the right facilities are available during their events to support the technology circumventing any potential glitches.  

• #CustomerService: The use of Twitter for events has grown popular this year and will continue to do so in 2015 as it turns event attendees into active participants. While a must-have during events, organisers must ensure a seamless experience, for what is a useful channel to enhance the event experience, Twitter can also become the best channel to voice complaints. For this reason, a great customer service must continue to be the primary objective of any event in 2015.  

Sean Spencer, Head of Venues and Facilities at IET Venues comments: “Developments in social media and video conferencing has changed the way events are run and the exponential growth of technology will provide organisers with even more challenges and opportunities next year. 

The expectation of real-time communication, paperless events and instant satisfaction can be met by the use of different technologies and we see 2015 as the year when the events industry begins to take advantage of these. Ensuring these technologies are supported by the right team and facilities however must be the top consideration when organising events next year to ensure these technologies are used in the right way as they start to become more commonplace.”  

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