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KDM launches 'The English Job' treasure hunt

With a nod to both the BBC’s Sherlock and The Italian job, event content specialist KDM Events has launched a new teambuilding game using London black cabs in a fast-paced treasure hunt format.
Designed for groups of up to 150 collaborating in teams of five, The English Job takes participants to countryside locations in the quest to track down and recover the stolen Crown Jewels following a Moriarty-style heist.

KDM Commercial Director Nicky Whyman said: “This format will appeal to seasoned treasure hunt clients who’ve already experienced black cab, GPS or simply foot-based versions, or groups of clients who are seeking an upgraded style of treasure hunt experience.

“Rather than basing this in London, the activity takes place around country house locations. We’re working with a black cab supplier whose drivers are enthusiastic to drive out of the Capital and actively get involved with the concept, to the extent of doing their own homework on the locality to assist our participants in solving clues. They are even tweeting about ‘their’ team’s experience.”

The English Job’s USP is its strong sense of theatre: participants are given a black briefcase full of evidence collection tools, a GPS tablet, written cryptic clues and a map to navigate to locations in the local area. The hunt involves responding to challenges that pop up on participants’ GPS tablets to collect evidence.

The third stage of the game sees the participants rendezvous back at their country house hotel to watch a clip of the BBC Sherlock episode in which Moriarty steals the jewels – presented as CCTV footage. They then collaborate to submit their theory on the hiding place and identity of the thief. The finale takes the form of a video made by KDM showing the culprit being apprehended and the jewels recovered.

“We are finding that exercises of this kind are hugely motivational” added Whyman. “Participants love combining their investigative skills with GPS and the dedicated app to score points and solve clues, and the country house venues provide the perfect backdrop for an unashamedly English theme”.

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