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Meet the Speakers at the 3rd PATAcademy-HCD in December

Speakers to discuss how to best utilise the technological innovations affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry

Technology is a vital driving factor behind innovations that are affecting our daily life and our business. How can we use technology to differentiate ourselves among competitors and become successful? An impressive group of coaches at the 3rd PATAcademy-HCD will enrich, entertain and help participants reshape their innovative thinking process in a series of interactive programmes.

The 3rd PATAcademy-HCD under the theme, "The Future of Tourism Technology" will take place on December 2-4, 2014 in the PATA Engagement Hub at the headquarters of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr Mario Hardy, Incoming CEO, PATA said, “We live in a world of fast pace changes where the status quo is being challenged constantly. Over the past decades some leading brands have lost their fame and are now part of history books. Others have launched and are reshaping industries, think Netflix, Uber, AirBnB…. Participants will learn about the businesses that are changing our life and how they may disrupt your sector. What should you do? Disrupt or be disrupted?” 

Confirmed speakers at the 3rd PATAcademy-HCD include Bronwyn White, Director,, Australia; Dustin Main, Co-Founder of; Jeanette See, Director Marketing, Asia Pacific; Justin Malcolm, General Manager, Aloft Bangkok - Sukhumvit 11, Thailand; Omar Rizvi, Vice President, Finance, Fingi; Mario Hardy, Incoming CEO, PATA; Stuart 'Stu' Lloyd, Chief Hothead & Business Creativity Consultant, Hotheads, China; and Venkat Chandramoleshwar, Head of Product Marketing, APAC Travel, Google, Singapore.

Mr Chandramoleshwar will share his insights into what ways technology is likely to affect the various stages of travel?

Ms See will share the finding of the 2014 Passenger IT Trends Survey, co-sponsored by Air Transport World and SITA. The report looks at the role and impact of IT on the passenger experience. It asks the questions that every airline and airport should be asking themselves: Should we invest in websites or kiosks? Should we invest more in mobile? If so, which services? And should we accelerate our strategy around wearable computing. The survey marks the ninth edition, and queried over 6,000 travellers worldwide. It represents 76% of total passenger traffic - compared to 50% last year.

Mr Lloyd will lead an interactive and fun session. He will take participants through the process of innovation, starting with personal curiosity and creativity, seeing how some of the world’s biggest and best thinkers (in travel and other industries) approach it, then practicing some hard and soft skills such as perception shifting and other ways to ‘think outside of the box’ for breakthrough insights, and where to find new ideas.

Mr Rizvi and Mr Malcolm will talk about how mobile strategies are gaining traction in the hospitality industry, what has been done and where it is going.

Ms White will lead a session on semantic search. Internet search is the one constant tool people turn to for inspiration and travel planning at every point across the path to purchase —from thinking about where to go, to finding a cafe when they get there. This session will help participants get their heads around the full and far-ranging implications of changes in search. It will equip them to successfully apply these insights to their business’s marketing strategy and tactical campaigns in a practical way, which can yield immediate results. In one recent test through their practical approach, was able to connect PATA with potentially a million opinion leaders in tourism and digital in just 48 hours.

Mr Main will lead an interactive session on Smartphones, wearables, and look into the crystal ball of travel tech. To know where its going, it helps to look back to see where its been. From smartphones and wearables to payments and apps, in this light talk, participants will look at how consumer technology has changed in the past few years before peeking into the magical crystal ball to see what the landscape will look like in the future. Participants will also brainstorm together on how they can be ahead of the curve in the travel space.

Mr Hardy added, “Human capital is associated with the value people bring to their business. To be competent and abreast of today’s business environment can lead to a far greater impact on the success of your organisation. Therefore, tourism companies and destinations need to approach the development of their people. PATA would like to encourage travel and tourism industry to nominate their rising stars who seek opportunities to broaden their practical experience, engage with leading speakers, and learn from their peers."  

After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with a PATAcademy-HCD certificate entitled: "Certified Asia Pacific Visitor Economy Expert - The Future of Tourism Technology".

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