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GIDN cuts working day by one hour to increase productivity

The Global Industry Development Network staff, GIDN
The Global Industry Development Network (GIDN) has announced the launch of its Living Well Program, an internal program aimed at increasing productivity and investing in the team’s wellbeing. The program will see the working time of staff reduced from 8 to 7 hours each day, with the extra hour now being used for compulsory wellness activities. Whilst staff can choose what they do, it is compulsory they do one wellness activity.

This can vary from workouts in the gym with personal trainers to attending classes like yoga or pilates. On high stress days it can involve an hour with a therapist, or on lazy days just taking time out to sit under a tree or go for a walk. The team have a selection of activities they can choose from, which cater for wherever they are at that day.

All costs are covered by the company.

“There is huge debate about the role of a company in a person’s life beyond the job description, however it is clear to me that if we have a happier and healthier team then productivity, and in turn revenue, goes up”. Says Scott Campbell, Executive Director of GIDN.

Scott says, “On the people side it is well received by staff as we had unanimous feedback that everyone wants to be doing more wellness activities like gym and meditation classes, however with their personal commitments, a busy home life and for those that have children, it can be hard to fit it all in”.

“So for us the answer is simple, let’s make life a little bit easier for our team by having a set hour every day where people have to spend time focussed on themselves, on their physical and mental wellbeing”.

Scott continues ,”whilst it is great for the team, it also makes financial sense for us. Whilst everyone’s working day drops an hour and this hour is replaced with an hour of wellness, this actually results in their productivity increasing and improved revenue for the company as staff are less stressed, more focussed, and generally in a better state of mind to deal with life’s daily challenges”.

GIDN is well known in the meetings industry as business development consultants and through membership in organisations like the International Convention and Congress Association (ICCA), in their role supporting associations with securing grants, exhibitors and delegates for their events, as well as assisting destinations, from Russia and Germany, to Malaysia and the USA, to win more international conferences.

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