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Breakfast meetings increase productivity says LBMW survey results

New research released today as part of London Breakfast Meetings Week (LBMW), has indicated that morning meetings have a more positive outcome, with 71% of people agreeing or strongly agreeing that they have a more beneficial outcome compared to meetings held later in the day.
The survey went on to show that 65% of people found it easier to concentrate at a breakfast meeting than a meeting held later in the day and three-quarters of the people surveyed said short breakfast events or meetings cause less disruption to their working day than midday, afternoon or evening events.

The breakfast meetings survey brings together results from over 100 employees who have attended at least one breakfast meeting in the past two years, from a cross- section of London businesses. The questions were chosen following initial research with a focus group which identified key elements, factors and perceptions associated with breakfast meetings

Charley Taylor-Smith, Head of Hospitality Events and Commercial Business Development at The Deck says: “We had noticed an increase in breakfast enquiries since the start of 2014 and were intrigued to find out why this trend was emerging. Having done some initial research, we were surprised to see there has been little insight into the benefits of breakfast meetings compared to meetings held later in the day.

“We decided to carry out our own research and the results speak for themselves:  breakfast meetings are incredibly important to the continued success of London businesses. We wanted to champion the power of breakfast meetings and this led to the creation of London Breakfast Meetings Week, a week-long awareness event to encourage other businesses to reap the rewards of these early meet-ups.”

So why are breakfast meetings proving successful? 72% of respondents said they were more alert and enthusiastic at breakfast events, both of which are key components to successful business. Other reasons for success could be linked to the provision of a good quality breakfast menu, with 85% of people saying they find that eating breakfast increases their efficiency at work.

The findings were all very positive, demonstrating the value that people put on attending and hosting breakfast meetings; however, 88% of the people surveyed said that less than half of the meetings they attend actually take place in the morning.

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