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momondo discovers fashion not so important for Brits when abroad

With London Fashion Week fast approaching over 12 – 16 September 2014, research proves Brits don’t perceive themselves a chic nation, when travelling abroad.
Despite being home to one of the world’s four acknowledged fashion capitals, data captured by travel search site shows, when questioned, only 14% of Brits see themselves as a fashionable population, when on holiday.

When asked if it is important to wear fashionable clothes on a break, whilst 26% of Brits agreed with this statement, 39% disagreed, leaving 35% impartial – suggesting being on trend overseas is not a high priority for the people of Great Britain.  

And out of 11 other countries questioned, all but one ranked the Brits even lower in the style stakes whilst abroad, than the Brits ranked themselves as a nation. Just 4% of Finns, 7% from the Netherlands, 10% of Americans, Swedes and Germans, and 11% of Danes, Norwegians, Russians and Spanish respectively, rated Great Britain a fashionable nation when on holiday. Interestingly, a slightly higher number of Italians ranked Brits style conscious, at 13%, whilst 20% of our French neighbours thought Brits were stylish when travelling.  

Likewise 39% of Brits rated the Italians a glamourous nation abroad and 23 % of Brits also regarded the French snazzy dressers, whilst away.  

Brits after all more fashionable than the Spanish and the Germans Interestingly, more Brits ranked themselves in vogue as a nation, than they ranked Spanish and German tourists, who only secured 11% and 4% of votes from those questioned, respectively. Seven percent of Brits voted Swedes fashionable tourists, four percent voted those from the Netherlands fashionable and the Danes, Norwegians, and Russians all received 3% of Brits voting them as trendsetting tourists. Finns were perceived fashionable tourists by only 1% of Brits.  

momondo’s spokesperson Lasse Skole Hansen states: “It’s interesting how different nations observe each other in the fashion sense, whilst by the pool or out on the town on holiday. Italians gained the most respect of Brits in the style stakes, followed closely by the French. However Brits ranked Germans, Spanish and Nordic travellers, as having less style than them when away. However, from our global research there was a pattern of people perceiving their own nation as more fashionable than most others. Although on a whole, being fashionable overseas is not a high priority for the people of Great Britain. From our studies we know dining out is of higher priority for Brits, with 63% when questioned, responding 'good food' is crucial to whether they feel that they have experienced a good holiday.”

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