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New grants database aims to help International Associations to raise up to $250,000 towards their Association Conferences!

The Global Industry Development Network has announced the launch of its “Grants Database” as a part of its Association Incubation Program, aimed at assisting International Associations to raise up to $250,000 towards their conferences.
The database will be used to identify grants and sources of funding for up to 300 international associations and their conferences each year.

GIDN has extensive experience in working with associations and in previous years has worked with around 120 associations per annum in areas of sponsorships, grants, conference bidding and destination selection. However, with the expansion of the Association Incubation Program and this new database, an additional 7 staff are being added to the GIDN team and the number of associations supported will increase to 300 per year by December 2015. GIDN’s staff numbers are forecast to reach 45 people by 2015.

This new program works by aligning an Association’s discipline with the economic or social development needs of countries around the world. By selecting the right country that has a particular need or interest, grants can be shortlisted and funding can more easily be obtained for the conference, through direct contributions, for delegates from that country to attend the conference, or for joint projects to be developed between International Associations and their members, where the conference is used to kick-off the project.

“Our goal is to use this grants database to raise up to $250,000 for each conference within the program”, says Scott Campbell, Executive Director of GIDN, “we also want to see this funding used to increase the tangible outcomes and projects from conferences”.

New conferences entering the program range in topics from the African Association of Agricultural Economists in which grant applications exceeding $500,000 are under way, whilst others under development include the International Family Therapy Association, Asia Pacific Society for Solar and Hybrid Technologies, The US Laboratory Safety Institute, to the World History Association.

“We were amazed at GIDN’s ability to raise funds for us in the middle of the 2009 economic crisis, and we are again working with them on our future conferences with this new database”, says Professor Nader Barsoum, Chairman of the 9th International Conference on Power Control and Optimisation which is taking place in the Philippines next month.

The program requires no up-front payments and is funded entirely on a success fee.

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