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IACC introduces Global Innovations Workshop at Annual Conference “Innovative Conference Centre Design"

IACC-Americas introduced a new workshop -- (“Innovative Conference Centre Design") at the 2014 IACC-Americas Annual Conference and is being touted as one of the most successful -- ever. 
According to workshop moderator, John Potterton (University Operations Manager, FMC Technologies Learning Center), "The aim of this new workshop was to find a way to present and highlight some of the incredible innovations introduced by IACC members worldwide and to share these ideas, services, and new products with fellow members.  Everyone wants to come away from a conference with that 'golden nugget' and delegates who attended the IACC-Americas conference in Los Angeles, told of how this workshop justified their attendance!"

This new workshop consisted of a series of five-minute case studies, where members spoke of the issue or the opportunity they identified, explained the solution they found and the impact it had on customers or staff.

Contributions were submitted from IACC members who attended the conference from Japan, US, Canada, UK, Denmark and France with topics that included:
  Innovating          the welcome experience
Innovating          the audio-visual experience
Innovating          the food and beverage experience
Innovating          operations efficiencies
Innovating          the learning experience
Innovating          the meeting room environment
Innovating          the conference centre experience
Innovating          the concierge experience
Innovating          the meeting experience

The workshop demonstrated the many advantages of being a part of an active global association: no sales, no product placement, just a mutual sharing of proven ideas with a common goal to help colleagues innovate in their own businesses globally.  

A new concept for managing your meeting room's audio visual equipment from your smartphone was demonstrated by FLIK Conference Centers, as a new feature they incorporated in their conference centres throughout the US.  

IACC's Japanese member, Benchmark Conference Centres Japan, demonstrated how they use LED technology to create colour-changing effects in their lobby areas and how they create exhibition packages that are popular with clients, appreciating simple inclusive packaged solutions.   

Innovating the Learning Experience was another feature of this popular workshop and IACC member FMC Technologies shared a solution they had discovered by providing simple coloured pipe cleaners, which, when mixed with delegates imagination, led to many creative models being made!  

Meeting Room Design, presented by IACC European Member Chateauform', revealed transformed several spaces to stimulate thought, creativity and discussions; IACC member Kapellerput Conference Centre in The Netherlands presented a case study on their tree house meeting room concept ("kaban"). Members were treated to views of radical meeting room design for the future.  

A concept for the workshop originated from a Swedish member, Sigtunahojden Conference Centre, near Stockholm.  Lotta Boman, CEO and Owner shared her experience about how they literally and figuratively broke down the barriers of the reception desk that traditionally stands between staff and customer. The reception area was physically transformed and the welcome evolved into a considerably more personable experience as a result of completely reconfiguring the lobby.    

Mark Cooper, IACC CEO commented "In 2015, IACC will continue the theme of the successful workshop and look to provide an Innovations Hub within the exhibition area of the conference, as the association seeks new ways to provide delegates with more of those golden nuggets to help them transform their businesses".

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