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Scarlett Entertainment to expand into key Asian markets

It has been an exciting experience as Scarlett Entertainment pushes ahead with plans to expand into new and emerging event markets, in particular China.
The destination entertainment specialist has encountered a number of hurdles and has had to adapt its method of communication and marketing in order to add China to the long list of destinations in which it offers its services to event planners, DMCs and other event professionals.

With the addition of a new member of staff, Scarlett Entertainment is rapidly learning about the many barriers that have to be overcome in order to operate in Mainland China; namely language, cultural and social media differences.  Search engines other than Google are used in China, as well as alternatives to popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Lingyuan Meng has joined the Scarlett Entertainment team at its Devon headquarters as part of the company’s long-term ambition to expand its global destination entertainment services into mainland China.  One of the newest additions to the fast growing team, Lingyuan is not only adding to the roster of Chinese world class talent, but is also creating artist material in Mandarin.  She is also heading to China this month (May) in order to further increase the Chinese talent on offer to clients around the world.

With over 100 acts based in China already on the Scarlett Entertainment East Asian roster, event planners looking to hold an event there have access to talent that includes LED dance acts, Shadow shows, authentic and traditional entertainment all based locally.

Amy Capron, a spokesperson for Scarlett Entertainment, said:  “At present, non-Chinese speaking event planners and event professionals looking to host an event in China find it almost impossible to source local acts and performers because of language barriers.  Scarlett Entertainment has created a new China section within the company that specifically sources local talent in mainland China; as well as having the ability to assist with logistics, visas and liaising with venues.

“We have been very fortunate to find such a talented and valued member of staff to assist with our plans to further expand our business into China and target the market more pro-actively.  Lingyuan has the ideal experience to help us in our goal to be a world leader in destination entertainment.”

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