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momondo finds Brits prefer a three-star

3- and 4-Star hotel bookings outnumber 5-star 8-to-1

Bathrobes, slippers and free mini bars are some of the amenities that can usually be enjoyed by upgrading to a 5-star hotel. However by shunning these indulgences, Brits appear to be saving cash to spend on other luxuries whilst away, according to new analysis this week from travel site

momondo analysed worldwide hotel bookings made between the 16th of January and the 20th of April 2014, in which, well over three out of ten Brits booked 3- or 4-star hotels for trips, with less than one in 10 Brits booking a 5-star hotel. And 15% of Brits booked a hotel with a 2-star rating, new figures from momondo suggest.

momondo analysed other nations and  also found our Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish neighbours preferred a little more luxury, without completely blowing the budget. More than one in four Swedes, Norwegians and Finns combined, booked 4-star hotels (28%), followed by slightly lower preferences for 3-star (26%) , then 2–star (8%) hotels, and just 5% for 5-star hotels.

Interestingly however less French opted for 4- or 5-star amenities, with 31% of French booking a 3-star hotel and 31% a 2-star hotel. Just 16% opted for a 4-star and 4% a 5-star hotel, less than half the numbers of Brits booking these star categories. momondo also found our German neighbours also tended to mostly book 3-star (36%), followed by 4-star (30%) hotels, just like us Brits. And according to recent research conducted by momondo, Brits would rather eat well, than stay well.

The travel site found Brits prefer to save money on things like accommodation and flights when travelling, rather than food. In fact, when Brits were asked which factors were essential for a good holiday, 63% cited 'good food’ and 65% said eating out at restaurants with the family or with their spouse was important. Furthermore, 26% of Brits stated they liked to try local dishes whilst on holiday.

"It is interesting to see that Brits have slightly different priorities when they travel, compared to some of their European neighbours," said Spokeswoman at momondo, Julie Pedersen. "Brits would much rather eat well and experience a lot when traveling, whilst it would appear their actual accommodation means slightly less, in the overall scheme of things. And one should not forget that 3-star hotels in Europe, in many cases, offer very good lodgings," states Pedersen.

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