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Belgium asks UNESCO to recognise its beer culture

Belgian beer
In the Flemish, French and German languages hopes are being expressed by Belgium that Belgian Beer Culture will be recognised officially by UNESCO. Belgium has petitioned the UK’s education and cultural agency to include the beer on its list of immaterial cultural heritage. Officials in Paris will make the final decision, but ‘things look hopeful’, say the Belgians.

Belgium's Flemish Community started the process in 2011, closely followed by the Francophone Community the following year and the German-speaking community has made the application. All three of Belgium's language-based communities are working to back this initiative. The application will now be considered by the Secretariat of the Convention for the Protection of Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

If accepted, Belgian beer culture will join other Belgian events and activities already included on the UNESCO list. These range over the Ros Beiaard Procession in Dendermonde, the Holy Blood Procession in Bruges, Carnival in Aalst and Falconry and Shrimp Fishing at Oostduinkerke.

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