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Logistik Group refresh website and branding to extend offering

Logistik Group rebranding
Brand communications and event specialists Logistik Group have evolved their website and brand collateral to reflect the evolution of the company and its offering as a whole.
Moving away from their previously branded tab to a rhombus shape, which is both dynamic and positive in form and message, Logistik Group have translated more of their personality and expertise into the new brand material hinting at the direction that their work will be taking in the coming months. Carefully selected from a range of options Logistik Group have chosen the branded rhombus as a demonstration of innovation, growth and forward-thinking as they progress beyond which has represented them for some years.

The classic Logistik palette, with its striking red, has been softened somewhat to provide a more muted and sophisticated tone to the group’s website and branding. Equally, the website refresh sees a shift away from the past as in-house designers worked to translate the open and honest nature of the business into its digital offering. The innovative design and creative components are aligned to bring the brand alive on a daily basis, going so far as to place individuals in the environment in which they work with vibrant staff photographs as a shift from traditionally flat ones.

The new branding offers Logistik Group a greater degree of flexibility with their collateral and crucially introduces an element of fun into the design which the group is known for in its events. The carefully considered branding refresh allows the core elements of the group to be brought to the fore, presenting a brand that clients trust and feel a part of. Maintaining strong links with the design aspects of the previous website and branding was extremely important as Logistik are keen to demonstrate growth and natural progression rather than a whole new direction.

Deputy Creative Director, Dani Batty, said that the refresh had arisen ‘as a natural progression. It was time for a change. We felt that the website and brand collateral all stood to be more representative of the collaborative approach that so distinguishes Logistik Group in its work. We have been able to successfully evolve the whole brand to provide a toolkit of assets across the business which embodies the culture and expertise that needed to be foregrounded.’

Reflecting on the design refresh Logistik Group’s MD James Wilkins commented that ‘this is an exciting moment for the group as a whole. We are consciously progressing the look and feel of the brand into a more modern and dynamic arena whilst maintain the core values that clients have come to know and trust from Logistik. The rhombus is a forceful way for us to demonstrate progression and growth without distancing ourselves too far from the ideals and design that have helped to build the group into what it is. The most important element of the new components is reenergising our current clients about our offering, keeping our core ideals at the forefront of their mind, whilst exciting them about what is to come.’

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