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Hillgate Travel launches new scheme to invest in its “Leaders of the Future”

Hillgate Travel, the UK’s largest truly independent travel management company and a lead partner in the GlobalStar Travel network, is proud to announce its investment in a new in-house learning opportunity. The ‘Leadership Readiness Academy’ is designed for operational employees looking to take the next step in their career towards a Hillgate supervisory role and becoming a leader of the future.   

Oversubscribed by five applications for every one place, the new scheme will provide a forum in which to encourage personal development and allow outstanding individuals to meet their full potential. Hillgate Travel aims to grow their management and leadership talent pool whilst ensuring that there is a consistent stream of skills, knowledge and expertise to meet the future demands of the business. The ‘Leadership Readiness Academy’ will run alongside Hillgate’s existing ‘Leadership Our Way’ training programme, which develops the skills and knowledge within Hillgate’s current management team.

Candidates who are accepted in the Leadership Readiness Academy will gain real ‘on-the-job’ experience by working alongside a mentor as well as completing a number of classroom based models and exercises. Upon successfully completing the course they will be eligible to apply for new supervisor roles as they arise. Subject to the success of the inaugural course, which will start in mid-April 2014, applications for the academy will open annually. 

The new course was developed by John Blanca, Hillgate Travel’s Learning and Development Manager and Lindsey Lombard, Hillgate Travel’s Head of Operations to identify strong potential candidates for supervisory roles in the future whilst creating an academy for excellence within the business. Later this year, Hillgate Travel will also be launching a new in-house Apprenticeship Academy, with the aim of bringing fresh talent into the business and into the travel industry.

Liz Carter, MCIPD, Director of Operations and Human Resources at Hillgate Travel and Chair of the GTMC People Strategy Group, comments:   “We are immensely proud of our new Leadership Readiness Academy and the forthcoming opportunity to launch the new Apprenticeship Academy.  At the heart of our business is our people and it is vitally important to us that they feel valued.  We are committed to personal development. We want to provide a clear career path within the company to encourage employee retention whilst at the same time demonstrating that opportunities within Hillgate are based purely on an individual’s skills and demonstrated competence.  Showing potential and a willingness to self-develop is at the very core of our brand values and, as a result of the additional training offered by the Leadership Reediness Academy, our clients will inevitably see an increase in customer satisfaction and service delivery”.  

Hillgate Travel’s ongoing investment in its people follows a number of recent key appointments, as Hillgate Travel focuses on continued growth in 2014.

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