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Le Bar du Bristol collaborates with Le Maison du Chocolat

Le Maison du Chocolat Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau and Le Bar du Bristol Head Barman Maxime Hoerth will collaborate this summer with a new collection of bold and flavourful cocktail based chocolates topped off with a creative twist. Hoerth, named Best Barman and Crafstman in France by Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011, brings some of the intoxicating flavours, colours and creativity from his unique cocktails at Le Bar du Bristol to Chef Cloiseau’s legendary chocolate creations for a menu of delicate indulgence.

The spirited cocktail collection from this award-winning, talented duo embodies Cloiseau and Hoerth’s creative spirit, offering a medley of juices, fruits, tea and dark chocolate ganache infusions with a milk chocolate twist. A true ode to reinventing the art of chocolate creation, the combination of cocktail ingredients allows the cacao notes to immediately reveal themselves, building up to a true delicacy. The collaboration between the two renowned Meilleurs Ouvriers de France culinary artists widens the scope of mixology possibilities by setting new standards for flavor balancing and indulgent innovation.

Hoerth, the 27-year-old Chef Barman of Le Bar du Bristol, is a passionate artist, always on the quest for new flavours and innovative libations. A veritable alchemist, he combines bitters, Maison and exceptional liqueurs with meticulous precision. Hoerth crafts special, secret concoctions of his own creation that cannot be replicated. Working side by side with three Meilleurs Ouvriers de France at Le Bristol, his continuous creativity never ceases to delight guests. Each evening, Hoerth creates signature and personalised cocktails for the legendary Le Bar du Bristol, the watering hole for the city’s who’s who.

Le Bar du Bristol inspired chocolates available through La Maison du Chocolat boutiques include such tantalising flavours as:
A delicate balance of sweet and crisp acidity, the dark chocolate ganache is accented with a twist of milk chocolate to unveil strong flavours of fresh passion fruit underscored by notes of vanilla, mango juice and lemon honey.

This dark chocolate ganache is specifically crafted without cream yet mellowed by milk chocolate. The subtle and balanced notes of the concoction intensify the chocolate undertones, exposed by sweet orange and luscious pinapple accented with coconut.

This chocolate showcases raspberries with Ardèche, along with a dash of milk and an infusion of verveine and spicy Thai basil, which underscores the subtleties of the dark chocolate ganache.  

The intense dark chocolate ganache, tempered by milk chocolate, holds the crispness and acidity of light effervescent Champagne, revealing silky vineyard peach purée flavours subtly bolstered by peach liqueur, inspired by the Italian cocktail.  

So Bristol
Inspired by the signature cocktail of the Bar, the milk and dark chocolate duo is a true explosion of flavours. Fresh iced tea with grapefruit and lime zest allows the floral and sweet sour notes of elderberry to be revealed at the end.  

Prices start at €12 for a collection of 8 chocolates and are available to purchase both online and in La Maison du Chocolate boutiques from May 5th 2014

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