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Government changes have opened door for digitised events says The Live Group

Tightening budgets and the need for departments to fully embrace the Government Digital Initiative (GDI) is paving the way for a new breed of event specialist: one which specializes in integrated digital products, says event agency The Live Group.

The Live Group works in partnership with many government departments on the implementation of digital technology for conferences and events, in line with the framework outlined by the Government Digital Initiative launched last year.  

“There remains a genuine challenge for government departments to deliver their communications objectives for less, and without losing impact, quality or content,” comments Toby Lewis, Live Group Managing Director. “Our experience with government contracts has taught us that digital event specialists can add real value by working with departments to advise them on how new technology can reduce cost, boost engagement and significantly extend audience reach.”  

The Live Group showcased its GreenGage Web App at Civil Service Live last year,  demonstrating to civil servants how they can use effective event technology to bring people and departments together and to share learning.  

“There is an opportunity here for event organisers that understand the full capabilities of digital technology to solve a few problems for government and enable them to continue to engage fully with their audiences,” concluded Lewis. “It something that’s working well for our business and for those government customers wanting to explore the range of possibilities now available.”

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