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Newly formed Grenada Tourism Authority appoints CEO and Director of Marketing

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) opened its doors on 6 January, 2014. The new Authority is underpinned by a philosophy to establish an agency that is fit to compete in the dynamic commercial reality of today’s global tourism and hospitality environment; creating a platform for a new hospitality culture that should make huge social and economic differences to the citizens of the formerly agrarian-dependent nation.

Rudy Grant has been appointed as CEO, with immediate effect, and is joined by Sheldon Keens-Douglas as Director of Marketing. Grant is a former Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and International Transport who served under the Owen Arthur government in Barbados and served in the Barbados Senate in 2003.

Keens-Douglas has over ten years’ experience of the marketing and hospitality sectors and holds a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Cornell University, School of Hotel Management, New York.

The Grenada Tourism Authority will utilise the full range of the marketing mix, establishing an entity and country that is fighting fit for tourism and hospitality business.

It will emphasise and redefine product development efforts, establishing industry standards and practices; integrating and linking other productive sectors to tourism; seeking to attract the brightest, the best and the most skilled Grenadians to the sector; and educating and enlightening Grenadians to the true and full value of the sector to their development fortunes. All of these proposed actions are driven by an augmented research and development culture and a vision for the agency to become more commercially autonomous in the future.

This fresh direction for Grenada’s tourism will emphasise a new measure of accountability and transparency that will make Grenada more business-ready for the new world of tourism and hospitality development.

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