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Kenyan fundraising mission for Ricoh Arena's Head of Sales

Angela Perkins explaining how a solar oven works
Ricoh Arena’s Head of Sales Angela Perkins has returned from a volunteering trip to the Rift Valley in Kenya with the Memusi Foundation, a charity that exists to provide hope through education working to help children escape poverty in their lifetime.

Angela, 43, who lives in Shropshire, spent time at the Memusi school in southern Kenya working with the children who loved the pencils, colouring books and puzzles that she and other volunteers had taken out to East Africa.

The group also visited families in need in the local community and assisted with the handing out of 50 solar ovens that will make an immediate difference to their quality of life.

Angela, who raised £1,085 for the Foundation before leaving for Africa, said: “I was fortunate in my early career that I travelled the world but the poverty I saw in Magadi caused by the droughts left me speechless. Many of the families have absolutely nothing and often have to walk for miles a day just to find water.

“The Memusi Foundation has made a major difference to the region and I was very proud to be a small part of it.

“The school has 208 pupils and provides them with water, two meals a day and a school uniform. It certainly makes you think about our own children in the run-up to Christmas when you see the smiles and hear the laughter that something as small as a balloon or even learning the ‘okie-cokey’ can bring.”

Over 300 people visited a local health camp while Angela was in situ, 178 were given medicine and 54 had teeth extracted. One man even walked over 40 miles to have a tooth out.

The £1,085 Angela raised through family, friends and colleagues at the Ricoh Arena as well as asking for donations instead of birthday presents paid for the entire medical camp during her trip including two doctors, a dentist, two pharmacists and medicine to cover all the visitors.

Memusi Foundation CEO and founder Matthew Norton said: “The reality is that families supported by the Memusi Foundation have to look at their children each day and decide which one needs food more than the other. Consultation is free and medication is free through the Memusi Foundation.

Angela is now organising a fundraising event to support the construction of a local school in 2014.

Pictured: Angela Perkins explains to a member of the community how to use her new solar oven

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