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Renowed contemporary artist adds colour to MLC Centre

Australian artist, Matthew Johnson outside MLC Centre
The MLC Centre have revealed the final stage of their large scale art installation created in collaboration with renowned Australian artist, Matthew Johnson, with a bold contemporary artwork over looking Martin Place.
The installation will become a must visit outdoor exhibit for the next 18 months at MLC Centre. The installation will include a large scale lighting installation displayed within the gantry of the Tower and around the Pier Luigi Nervi Coumns on Martin Place and King Street by night and be complemented by a large scale colourful artwork overlooking Martin Place by day.

David Burgess, Portfolio Manager, Office, The GPT Group Says; “We came across Matthew Johnson’s amazing works and were inspired to reignite a feeling of excitement and celebration at the iconic MLC Centre for all of the Sydney public to enjoy during our MLC Centre rejuvenation project we are currently undertaking.”

Johnson is a well-known contemporary Australian artist who is renowned for his play on colour and light. Johnson is adept at using a variety of mediums and scale, from oil paintings, to large scale light installations and architectural style treatments to building interior and facades.

“I was inspired to create an artistic installation onto various permanent and temporal structural surface planes of The MLC Centre to turn the urban environment into giant ever changing artworks for the public to enjoy” says artist, Matthew Johnson.

“The artwork overlooking Martin Place employs an ‘optical echo’ of the gantry structure. The evolution and foundation of the image began by using an existing painting that related to pure light emanations which was applied as a series of striations within the painting. The abstract nature of the painting, in conjunction with bright and engaging colour aims to offer onlookers a moment of reflection, a temporary respite from the everyday”.

Matthew Johnson’s art and light installation will be operational from 8am – 11pm daily at the MLC Centre and can be viewed from Martin Place or King Street for all visitors to enjoy.

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