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Strategies and initiatives announced for driving content marketing in events

B2B information specialist reveals advice for marketing and building communities around events

Katherine Kreuter of Procurement Leaders will be offering her top tips on content-led marketing and communities at the Conference Summit on 6 December, at etc.venues’ Dexter House, London.

In a recent interview, available at the Conference Summit website, Katherine, head of event production and content, said having a strong community “adds value to prospective buyers and can be used to help close sales of future events”.

Where event organisers are able to create a separate space and form a community, she advises the three key things to creating a successful community are “the right market, a unique proposition and the right person; you need someone who is willing to invest the time to engage with the community”.

However, it “may not be worth investing in a community to back each event”. For example, she recommends that events with a short production cycle may benefit from working within the communities of a pre-existing publication. In doing so, marketers are able to “both build on that support and feed back into it”.

She will be offering similar expert insights into content marketing and community building when she joins other industry experts, including Ben Wood of Incisive Media, Alice Stuart of Capita Conferences, and James Raffo of Informa at the Conference Summit to debate and discuss the challenges of today’s conference and events market.

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