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Telford blazes towards superfast broadband milestone

Telford, home to one of the UK’s premier convention capitals, is set to become the country’s first super-fast broadband area when internet speeds surpass the official threshold this month. 
As Generation Y emerges and technology drives major changes in the event industry, the latest announcement from Telford illustrates that this is a destination preparing now for the future.

Telford is the fastest growing town in the Midlands and is set to become the first urban area where internet speeds pass the official super-fast threshold of 24 megabits per second. The town is also a leading light in the government’s strategy to bring super-fast connection to 95% of Britain by 2017.

An independent study of Britain’s 50 largest cities and towns, conducted by comparison website uSwitch, found that Telford  came the closest to the super-fast threshold with an average download speed of 23Mbps, but a national record is set to be secured when it  reaches 26Mbps later this month.

“This is a big milestone and we hope it will be the start of many more superfast cities to come,” said Marie Louise Abretti, telecoms expert at price comparison site uSwitch. “It’s the perfect storm of the infrastructure being there and people being prepared to sign up to contracts to use the infrastructure.”

Sarah Bird, Business Tourism Manager at Meet Telford & Shropshire, said:  “This independent research proves that Telford is not only leading the way in super-fast broadband but also planning for a new event generation in which technology is king. Generation Y is emerging and the event delegates of the future will be armed with the latest online gadgets and plugged-in 24/7. This latest development is a direct result of the high quality and extensive broadband infrastructure that Telford has invested in.  The speed significantly exceeds the national average, and Telford even beats connections in London.”

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