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Mayridge launch 'Mayridge Mindset Design' at Warwick University

Mayridge Mindset Design
Mayridge, the experience design business, has outlined the future of the company’s visionary Campaign Architecture initiative with the launch of Mayridge Mindset Design.
The initiative, created in partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick, is based on research from the university that qualifies the impact and efficacy of designs aimed at exhibitor visitors. The system is implemented by the team at Mayridge to increase the appeal of the design from stand identity to pre promotional publicity.

In a recent meeting with Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, the agency’s Managing Director, David Freeman, underlined the importance of the businesses’ relationship with WMG – which is a government supported organisation developed to provide credible research and insight for businesses – and its role in developing the Mayridge Mindset Design product.

“The Campaign Architecture initiative is central to our ambitions as an agency as we look to implement exceptional experiences for our growing volume of loyal customers,” commented Freeman. “Our meeting with Mr Cable allowed us to share how the research developed by WMG is allowing us to improve our service to clients and grow our business activity around the world.”

“Mayridge Mindset Design is the next evolution of the process, using scientific thinking to make creative design resonate with the audience,” Freeman continued.

Mayridge has worked with WMG to install a live exhibition environment within the organisation’s International Institute of Product & Service Innovation (IIPSI) department where live studies are conducted to better understand and improve user experiences.

“This is an important initiative for Mayridge as we look to continually challenge the quality of what we deliver for clients. Mayridge Mindset Design will be implemented across our offices in the UK, US and Middle East, and will change the way we look at experience design,” concluded Freeman.

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