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British business women secretly love flying the family nest for work!

Female Brits, it appears, are a nation of surreptitious business trip lovers. New research by Village Urban Resorts has discovered that 60% of working mums secretly enjoy life on the road, welcoming the occasional opportunity to leave behind their daily home routine in exchange for some much needed “me time”.

The simplest of pleasures tops the list, with almost 40% of females citing crisp sheets, fine cotton and super comfy duvets – with the promise of a peaceful nights sleep, as the main joy of staying in a hotel for work.

The study revealed British women are tired of leading the domestic reins, with over 34% confessing that escaping the housework burden is one of the main perks of business travel, a feeling shared by only 19% of males.

Whether, as some 40% of females believe, it is the prospect of not having to make the bed, or simply looking forward to the luxury of a fuss free breakfast, a business trip allows such everyday extravagance.

For many working mothers, a hotel stay happily allows for some precious time alone, rest and relaxation away from the obligations of hectic home life. Contradicting conventional stereotypes, the study revealed that mothers are more readily looking for a break from childcare than fathers, with around 20% citing not having to look after the children as one of the main reasons to relish business travel. In contrast just under 30% of sentimental dads confessed to missing their offspring when away.

Top Ten benefits of a Business Break
1.     Taking a break from routine
2.     Enjoying the hotel facilities
3.     Not having to make breakfast
4.     A chance to explore new places
5.     Having my own space and time
6.     Not having to make my own bed
7.     Escaping household chores
8.     Not having to look after kids
9.     Having a break from loved ones
10.  Able to work uninterrupted by homelife issues

Village Urban Resorts conducted the global research asking 2,000 business travellers their opinions of what they enjoyed and missed the most when staying at a hotel on a business trip. Calum Russell, Marketing Director For Village Urban Resorts said: “As one of Britain’s leading hotel providers for business travellers in the UK we commissioned this research to gain a better understanding of customer’s evolving needs to ensure we create the a better stay experience.

“We know life on the road can sometimes be stressful and we want to ensure we cater for those who spend a lot of their time away from home. For example our UpperDeck rooms offer an added touch of luxury and comfort, ideal for business travellers, with Starbucks coffee, super comfy Sealy Sweet Dreams beds, Bose sound system and a Sky Movies HD package.”

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