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Chiva-Som continues to break new ground for 2014

Chiva-Som, Asia’s multi award-winning destination spa, continues to develop and innovate with the announcement of a variety of new products and treatments for 2014. The new additions to Chiva-Som’s comprehensive range of services includes:

New holistic treatment ‘Lithotherapy’
Lithotherapy is a relaxing and balancing treatment using stones with therapeutic effects. It is thought the energy enhancing capabilities of quartz crystals have strong healing powers on the body. Crystals and stones in the hands of Chiva-Som’s gifted holistic therapists become the perfect antidote to retune the body and repose the mind.

New fitness treatment “Hypoxic Training”
“Hypoxic Training Chambers” have become increasingly popular throughout the professional sporting world in recent years. Chiva-Som has installed an Altitude Training Room, enabling guests to train like a pro. All guests are screened prior to the session to carry out the training at a safe level as oxygen levels can be adjusted to mimic training at up to 5000m! This special type of training in controlled circumstances can increase the body’s ability to burn large amounts of calories. 

New physio class ‘Never Sit Still’
Imagine an exercise routine using only a chair. This is a unique and entertaining class to inspire everyone to get fit and feel fabulous. This low impact exercise to music will keep guests’ bodies engaged and improve coordination. Learning how to use something as simple as a chair to create functional exercise routine enables guests to augment fitness any place, any time.

New spa treatment ‘Cryotherapy Age Defying Facial’
A contouring and firming facial treatment designed to combat the visible signs of ageing; great for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. Its excellence is not only based on the synergy between the essential oils and the trace elements, but also the advanced Cryotherapy ice cubes and manual lymphatic drainage techniques to regain the skins natural youthful glow. The Cryotherapy activates the blood vessels that contract and dilate under the cooling effect; this accelerates the penetration of the active ingredients, drains the toxins, soothes the skin and offers a glowing complexion.

Additional range of signature items
Chiva-Som is releasing a new range of high-quality natural foot creams made from 100% natural ingredients that perfectly exfoliates, moisturizes and softens dehydrated for feet often exposed to sunlight.

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