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The Grimaldi Forum Monaco has almost completed its makeover

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco, always keen to strengthen its attractiveness, took the occasion of its 10th anniversary in 2010 to begin a makeover of its "public" spaces. Between natural light and transparency, displays of glass, noble materials, and new furniture, the Convention and Culture Center of the Principality gained again in modernity, conviviality, and light.

Entrusted to a architectural consortium made up of the Czech architect Eva Jiricna (conception and design) and the Monegasque Christian Curau (coordination and implementation) this ambitious 15 M€ project, allocated by the state of Monaco and conducted with the aim of not disrupting the building’s activities, is now entering its final phase.

The glass room, the heart of the building, unavoidable and essential, is a crossroads between the four levels of the building. Welcoming and generous, it revels in the gazes of visitors upon their arrival at the Grimaldi Forum. In the hall, they will discover a completely redesigned ticket booth and reception desk, with the overall idea being to create an easy to access "services" block. Glass partitions and clearcoats have replaced the gray stone sidings, accentuating the feeling of modernity. Finally, the atrium balustrades are now presented in the form of lit up decorative glass pannels, topped by a stainless steel handrail.

The glass room gives all of its nobility to a relaxation area whose off-white chairs incorporate the reversible air conditioning system into their design.To allow visitors to move easily within the Grimaldi Forum, the flow to different areas is facilitated by dynamic signaling. A design curtain was created in electro-galvanized aluminium in order to create an artistic visual separation with the Café Llorca, located on the first floor.

Access to the Salle des Princes is magnified from the hall by custom-made decorative glass panels.

Level 1 has gained in warmth and practicality. The pillars have been dressed and the walls coated with stucco for a very modern effect. The large gateway servicing the Espace Diaghilev creates a bright and stylish link suspended between two spaces, with its glass walls lit on their edges and its floor, made of flexible tiles.

Finally, level 2, the nerve center of the committee rooms/auditoria zone, has everything to seduce and attract visitors. Indeed, new seating areas have been defined around the revamped and expanded bars, allowing for the full enjoyment of the outdoor lighting which runs through the building. The entirety of the tiles has been replaced. Brighter, they give a new breath of fresh air.

At the lower level of the meeting rooms, the walls are adorned with backlit retro onyx panels with glass frames for openings : a significant increase in brightness that makes the space both warmer and more modern, in a style that remains all its own.

In the coming months, always with the desire not to interfere with the event activities of our clients, the Grimaldi Forum will proceed to its final embellishment work :
The escalators will be in white to give a new transverse rhythm to the building,
The dressing rooms in foyer 1 and the Salle des Princes will match the new reception desks,
The wooden stairs leading to the Salle des Princes will be remade in granite, with aluminium and glass balustrades,
Finally, the foyer of the balcony of the Salle des Princes will have its lighting and its tiles modified.

Harmony will thus be created in all areas of our Convention and Culture Center, giving it a strong and unique identity.

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