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Max Wifi to supply Wi-Fi network to Europe’s leading internet conference: Leweb Paris 2013

Leweb Paris
For the third consecutive year event wireless specialists Max WiFi will supply a communications and Wi-Fi network to one of the largest internet and social media conferences in the world: LeWeb Paris 2013. Taking place at Les Docks, a large multi building campus covering several thousand square metres, LeWeb Paris will run over 3 days from 10-12th December and will feature speakers including Stéphane Richard, Chairman & CEO of Orange, Michael Sippy, Vice President of Product, Twitter and David Marcus, President, PayPal. Over 3,000 delegates from 80 counties are expected to attend.

LeWeb Paris will celebrate its 10th anniversary and will bring together the brightest technological innovators and visionaries to explore topics on mobile, hardware and social media and what the next 10 years might hold. Questions including: will computers really have the intellectual capability of human beings? What’s next for the cloud? How much faster and more powerful can devices get and where will 3D printing take us next? All will be discussed.

Over a two day build, prior to the event, Max WiFi will use a 1 Gigabit internet connection, over 9km of Cat5e data cable, in excess of 85 Cisco Access Points, more than 45 Cisco Gigabit switches and a fully resilient, high performance core routing platform to meet the demands of the event. VIP’s, exhibitors, press and key Tweeters and bloggers will reap the benefits of the Wi-Fi infrastructure carrying a possible 9-12,000 devices in total. 

In 2012 the dashboard at LeWeb Paris recorded some 6,000 devices, transferring 3 Terabytes over 3 days. Most delegates carried more than 1 device with some carrying up to 5. Half of these were mobile devices, with 1,940 iPhones and 846 iPads. This is expected to increase at the 2013 conference with Google Glass and possible new releases from Apple and other vendors adding to the considerable device count.

Max WiFi has a reputation for providing resilient communications networks. All Max WiFi engineers are CISCO certified and trained to the highest level. In 2013 Max WiFi has expanded its service core in response to client demand and technological advancement to include digital signage, live streaming and venue cabling. Hughes’ knowledge of temporary wireless communications for events is second to none and Max WiFi frequently delivers integrated solutions internationally.

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