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Institute of Physics at 76 Portland Place announces move to King's Cross

The Institute of Physics (IOP), current resident of 76 Portland Place, has bought a property in King’s Cross which will be developed over the next two years into a new home for the physics community.
The new property on Balfe Street sees the IOP join the likes of the Crick Institute, Google, The Guardian and Macmillan Publishing in an increasingly vibrant part of London.

Kate Meehan, group head of corporate services, Institute of Physics said, “We’re delighted to have completed on the new property in King’s Cross and look forward to developing a home for physics that both showcases the importance of physics and allows us to keep on providing all of the services that the physics community needs.

“Our corporate side of the Institute of Physics, known to the conference and meetings industry as 76 Portland Place, which has provided meeting and events space to the likes of Ralph Lauren, EFig, British Screen Advisory Council and British Heart Foundation will cease trading on 28th February 2014. I am pleased to confirm that there are plans in the pipeline for a corporate side of the charity to remain when the IOP is rehomed in Kings Cross, the detail of which is still in discussion, but it is suffice to say there are some very exciting ideas and developments that will be unveiled in due course.

“I would like to thank all of our clients that have demonstrated their commitment and loyalty to 76 Portland Place over the past 15 years and take this opportunity to reassure each and every one that it will be business as usual right up to and including 28th February.”

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