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Canada shows it can . .

Canada evening

. . . make destination presentations fun and informative

Must destination presentations be boring? Not if they are in Canada House, in London’s Trafalgar Square.
About 100 guests were standing on their chairs cheering, dancing around the floor in excitement and competing madly with their neighbours.

The format was very simple, but only because of meticulous advance planning. The guests, event and meeting planners plus ITCM, all fired up with drinks and canapés, sorted themselves into teams of two. Each team had a tiny hand-held responder bearing the number of the team.

The Quiz Master, to a very great extent responsible for the wild and exhilarating atmosphere, displayed multiple-choice questions about Canada on screens around the room. There was a countdown during which the teams keyed in their answers. First there was a series of questions where a correct answer was worth 1,000 points, then a set each worth double, working up to a final set giving bonuses of 10,000 points.

The sense of competition rose to a crescendo after each set, when the Leaderboard displayed the positions of the top 20 teams.

There were of course prizes for the winners – the inevitable iPad and two trips to Canada – one to Montreal and one to Toronto.

So, whilst having a good time, we happened to learn which Canadian conference centre was alongside a Great Lake, which Canadian hotel was the largest in North America and how many guestrooms it had; the population of Canada and the most attractive incentive itineraries and so on. We were also made well aware that the evening was hosted by Business Events Canada, a team within the Canadian Tourism Commission – or the Commission canadienne du tourisme.

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