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International science and energy experts choose Brisbane

The medical, science and energy sectors dominate the line-up of recently confirmed conventions for Brisbane and the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC).
BCEC’s international team confirmed 28 new international meetings during the past 12 months, expected to generate in excess of $100 million for the local economy.

In many cases, BCEC’s international team works in conjunction with Brisbane Marketing and other city convention partners to secure business for Brisbane. International experts from the medical and material sciences, energy, horticulture, education and the environment will visit Brisbane, many for the first time, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

One event at the cutting edge of renewable energy is the Asia Pacific Symposium on Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion which will take place at the Centre in February 2014. An inaugural event for the Centre and for Brisbane, it is the work of Professor Chris Greig, Director of University of Queensland (UQ) Energy Initiative and Professor George Zhao from the UQ School of Chemical Engineering. This home grown event is the third such initiative for BCEC in the last 12 months and an integral part of the Centre’s collaboration strategy with the University of Queensland, in creating conferences in fields where Brisbane has world leading expertise.

Electrochemical Energy Storage Conversion explores cost effective energy storage technologies to enhance renewable energy utilisation. Professor Greig says Australia and the world face a major challenge to limit greenhouse gas emissions and one of the options is to increase the use of renewable energy. “If we had cost effective energy storage technologies then these intermittent renewable energy sources like our solar and wind would be able to be deployed far more widely and effectively," he says.

University of Queensland is one of a number of universities worldwide who are leading the way in advancing electrochemical energy storage and conversion technologies. “UQ’s leadership in initiating this conference in the Asia Pacific Region is an attempt to focus attention on this critical technology and the current world leading research, innovation and commercial development progress going on at the present time,” he said.

Another event in the nanotechnology and material science sector confirmed for the Centre in August 2015 is the International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (IMMS). This is the first time this event has been held in Australia having previously taken place in Japan, Italy, Belgium, China, South Africa, Korea, Canada and the USA.

The BCEC team assisted the bid led by Professor George Zhao, Secretary for the International Mesostructured Materials Association (IMMA) from the UQ School of Engineering with support from BCEC Advocate Professor Max Lu, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research University of Queensland.

Further underpinning Brisbane’s strengths in this sector was the announcement that the Centre had confirmed the International Conference on Emerging Nanomaterials (ICEAN) for an expected 500 delegates in February 2015.

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