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Grand Canyon West Skywalk future stage for fashion 'Catwalk in the Sky'

Grand Canyon West’s Skywalk
The Grand Canyon Resort Corporation (GCRC) of Grand Canyon West, owned and managed by the Hualapai Tribe, has announced that on 1st November, 2013, the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk will be the spectacular setting for arguably the world’s highest fashion show when dynamic UK-based entrepreneur and model, Jessica Minh Anh, presents her much anticipated ‘J Autumn Fashion Collection’.

The show will premiere haute couture fashions by designers from over 20 countries and is designed to demonstrate the collaboration of human creativity and ingenuity with one of the marvels of the natural world.

The ‘catwalk in the sky’ is the latest in Jessica’s series of show-stopping collections with previous venues comprising a river cruise on the Seine in Paris, London’s Tower Bridge, and KL’s Petronas’ Twin Towers Sky Bridge.  The show will be filmed from helicopters and across the rim and televised worldwide on the day.  

The Skywalk has attracted thousands of new and repeat visitors to the west rim of the Grand Canyon near Las Vegas since it opened on 28th March, 2007. Located 4,000 feet above the Colorado River and Canyon floor and weighing over 1.2 million pounds, it took more than one million pounds of steel and 83,000 pounds of glass to construct. The bridge is ten feet wide and extends in a horse-shoe shape 70 feet over the rim of the canyon.

In May 2011 engineers replaced the bridge’s 46 glass panels – each weighing 1,800 pounds -  for the first time since it opened. Each specially manufactured pane is two and a half inches thick and comprises five individual glass sheets bonded together.  Each floor pane can support 100 pounds per square foot  (or up to 800 people) but only 60 – 120 visitors are allowed on the bridge at any one time.

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