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Costa Navarino provides authentic culinary experiences using local produce and the Navarino Icons rang

Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination located in the Greek region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese, is extending the region’s rich gastronomy and cultural experiences through Navarino Icons, and by highlighting the high quality local products through the cookery lessons in traditional Greek homes, part of the Messinian Authenticity programme. 

Guests join local women in a traditional house in the nearby picturesque town of Pylos, to learn and practice the culinary traditions of Messinia and the Peloponnese, which have been passed down through generations, before sitting down to enjoy a meal together. This unique experience will ensure that visitors at Costa Navarino come closer to the heart of Messinian culture and return home enriched with the knowledge on the region’s cookery secrets, diverse palate of flavours and indulgent ingredients.

Once visitors get a taste of the flavours of Costa Navarino, they can share these authentic tastes back at home with the Navarino Icons products. A high quality range of food products and art objects, Navarino Icons draw inspiration from the region’s extensive history, local people, culture and gastronomy.

Navarino Icons continually grows its range of products, always seeking to include authentic flavours based on age-old home recipes. A new range of organic food products is the most recent addition to the series, including extra virgin olive oil from the acclaimed Koroneiki variety olives grown in the seaside groves of Costa Navarino, grapemust (petimezi), fig marmalade and orange spoon sweet (spoon sweets have been an essential delicacy in local households for many centuries). Other new food products include the lemon marmalade and olive tapenade, all prepared according to local recipes.

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