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Tour and safari operators in Kenya work to keep guests informed following major fire at Nairobi’s international airport

Tour operators and safari providers in Kenya have been working to put in place alternative plans following this morning’s major fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
  Thousands of British travellers visit Kenya, and Tanzania, during July, August and September to see the Great Migration of animals through the Mara and Serengeti. It’s estimated that over 50,000 British visitors travel to Kenya alone during this period.

Andrew Dunn, Chairman of tour operator Scott Dunn, commented: "Scott Dunn is working to ensure its guests who have booked holidays into Kenya and the surrounding region are being cared for and given alternative travel options where possible. We are also ensuring that our teams on the ground are assisting guests who are due to fly back to the UK. Scott Dunn arranges holidays to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the surrounding region for hundreds of guests each year."  

Mikey Carr-Hartley, owner of The Safari Collection which includes the famous Giraffe Manor hotel in Nairobi, which hosts many British guests, added:  

"We are waiting for more information from the airlines and the tour operators that we work with to find out what the alternative options are. We would hope that the airport teams can get the airport up and running again as soon as possible as none of us wish to have guests travelling hundreds of miles by road to alternative airports such as Dar es Salaam. We are completely full at this time of year so are doing everything we can to ensure our guests have a smooth journey."

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