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Arc Inspirations sinks £800,000 in the Pit

The Pit Artist impression

Get ready to enter Leeds’ newest bar

The Pit will make the perfect 10 in the award winning Arc Inspirations’ line up which opens to the public on 31st August. It’s stripped back, urban and looking to establish itself as a unique bar serving great food in this vibrant, developing Northern Quarter of Leeds. Buried close by some key players in the independent bar and music scene on Merrion Street, The Pit relishes its position.

Its name may have been inspired by being underground, but it’s also thanks to the traditional way of cooking in the USA and around the world: dig pit, light fire, cook meat, cover and enjoy one of the best ways to keep food tender and flavoursome. The Pit’s aim is to offer an equally great range of drinks and food, but don’t be fooled, The Pit might have an easy-going atmosphere, but quality is always at the sharp end.

Underground, things are done differently; the urban design includes a sheared concrete curved bar, original brick and exposed beams, and oak and steel furniture handcrafted by local blacksmiths. The Den is home to 2 custom-made ping pong tables and the White Room, is a little more refined for private parties and cocktail master classes.

The Pit will carry an ever changing range of innovative cocktails in consultation with Declan Mcgurk, Bar Manager of the American Bar at London’s Savoy, and formerly Arc Inspirations’ Bar Development Manager. He’ll also ensure all the skilled bartenders are at the top of their game so their knowledge and flair is of the highest standard. Premium craft beers from around the world will be served as well as beers from well known and lesser known breweries. The Pit will also sell its very own beer. Brewed locally, this American-style Pilsner called ‘Pit Canary’ was inspired by the old mining days when a canary was carried into the pit to check it was safe to enter. The canary became the best friend to everyone who entered the pit and an iconic image of life down the pit. Worth a try, and a prize for the first beer geek to recognise its origins.

The finest selection of steaks, lobster, burgers, ribs and wings are main ingredients of the menu devised by John Richold, Arc Inspirations’ legendary executive chef who has imported Sally, his Oklahoma hand built smoker which is The MAC truck of cooking. She cooks low and slow over his unique blend of imported American hardwoods allowing flavour and textures to evolve, juices to flow and smoky notes to penetrate. And don’t forget Cindy, his wood fired char broiler (Sally’s sister from the same Oklahoma town) which cooks with intense heat to caramelize and sear, ensuring the most succulent and tender of meats. You’ll enjoy the Sisters, they’re the best in town.

The Pit hasn’t missed a detail and has recruited a great team of fun loving characters who look to give their customers a great experience in the very best of underground atmospheres. Music will play a big part in its overall feel and nothing will make its team happier than seeing its customers having a great time bopping to The Pit beats. What will be played? Whatever makes people happy!

Hosted by renowned beer raconteurs and beer writers, Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, from the ‘Thinking Drinkers’, The Pit will run a series of regular events with a twist: an entertaining way for Ben and Tom to pass on their vast knowledge of the beer world with humour and, in their own words with an ‘aim to revive the lost art of discerning drinking .... we believe life is simply too short to drink badly.’ Their prime aim will be to help The Pit customers broaden their drinking horizons and enjoy a laugh along the way.

While The Pit might be doing things differently underground, it’s just what you’d expect from one of the North’s most successful, entrepreneurial companies and best bar operators in the country.

Martin Wolstencroft, Managing Director of Arc Inspirations adds: ‘This area of Leeds is one of the best locations for independents – we’re not about followers, we enjoy our independence and so do our customers. They want the best but also we want our customers to expect the unexpected. The Pit is very different to our other bars in Leeds, Harrogate and York, and we recognise that quality in everything we do, is a must. The urban, contemporary look is no excuse for not being at the top of our game. We are looking to grow our portfolio of bars in Yorkshire with two more bars opening next year. We want to enjoy the process of growing our portfolio but enjoy everything we do.’

Arc Inspirations LLP recently announced their £1m investment in the cultural quarter of York, with their 9th bar, the Banyan Bar & Kitchen on Little Stonegate, which opened to customers on 12th July 2013.

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