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DreamHack Valencia triples attendance figures for 2013

After four days of hectic competition in video games during 24 hours a day, DreamHack Valencia has closed its doors this Sunday, July 21st, in Feria Valencia beating participation records. The international festival of video games has transformed the city of the Turia river in the international focus of the e-sports with the celebration of tournaments of Starcraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2.

The event, sponsored by Razer, world leader in hardware and gaming systems, has tripled almost the figures of attendance in compariso with 2012 edition, overcoming 20,000 users. Among them, about 500 professional players of video games that disputed the more than 40,000 euros in prizes.

The tournaments have had the best players on the scene eSports nationally and internationally, with the outstanding participation of Korean, French, Swedish and American players. The competitions have been broadcast in seven languages (Italian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, English, French and Polish) to millions of viewers around the world.

A LAN party with over a thousand participants has articulated the enclosure of Feria Valencia, complemented with the leading brand presentations of the video game industry, which have taken advantage of the exhibition area to present their latest releases to organize tournaments and entertainment for all visitors. Among them, homebuilders such as Ubisoft and Nintendo, large manufacturers such as Intel, Asus, Razer or Logitech, schools of videogames as ESAT and Florida University or companies such as FNAC, Avermedia or Hauppauge presented their clear support to a sector in exponential growth as competition in video games.

"The incredible increase of participation experienced this year confirms our bet for the future with eSports. Video games are not only young people playing, they are already an industry with more power than the music and film together, in which the user is active, competes, develops a spirit of excellence and technical as in any other sports improvement", says Arturo Castelló, President at DreamHack Spain and Encom, the Valencian startup organizer of DreamHack Valencia and recognized as the first company in the country devoted entirely to electronic sports.

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