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Land Paddling sees significant rise in popularity in St. Pete/Clearwater

Needing water to paddleboard is a thing of the past in St. Pete/Clearwater, Florida, with new craze land paddling offering a drier alternative.
The land-based version of stand-up paddling has a simple concept- instead of a paddleboard and oar; participants hop on an elongated skateboard and use a long stick with a rubber plunger on the end to propel themselves forward.

The popularity of this new sport has risen significantly in St. Pete/Clearwater due to the area’s scenic downtowns, endless beachfronts and urban trails which provide the perfect settings for an afternoon paddle.

Land paddling affords both novices and experienced paddle boarders different opportunities: old pros can perfect their technique on land and get in a quick workout, while beginners can get a feel for the movement of the board and slowly develop the skills and coordination needed to take on the waterborne version. This is also a great way to tone the upper body and improve balance.

“We’re quite excited to see that visitors and locals alike are finding new ways to enjoy everything that St. Pete/Clearwater has to offer and definitely encourage people to give this new trend a whirl as it is actually quite easy to do” says David Downing, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater’s Deputy Director.

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