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UniSpace Sunderland to host North East Ambulance Service AGM

Ambulance man scaling wall
UniSpace Sunderland, the conference and events arm of the University of Sunderland, has announced that it will host the annual general meeting of the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS), taking place on 25th July.
The NEAS NHS Foundation Trust Board of Directors will hold a half-day morning conference on UniSpace’s City Campus, followed by the Annual General Meeting in the afternoon in CitySpace. This will take place alongside a Members Fair, which will be open to the public to highlight the importance of keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

Susan Cauldron, Membership Officer with NEAS NHS Foundation Trust, commented: “As soon as we viewed the facilities at UniSpace we knew this would be the ideal location for our conference this year and help us effectively send out the messages around the importance of health and fitness to our members.

“The fair is open to anyone to come along have a look and see what we’re about and show that we’re more than just a transport service. We are also looking to attract young people to take part in our activities at the fair, as they’re often the hardest to engage with when it comes to looking after your health.”

The Members Fair will feature first aid demonstrations alongside emergency vehicles, as well as ‘Hoop Dance’ taster sessions and free weekly gym passes to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to give a taste of what is available in the CitySpace gym. Those attending will also be able to attempt to scale the on-site climbing wall.

Sharon Olver, Commercial Services Manager at UniSpace Sunderland, said: “This conference is a great example of civic partnership for UniSpace and a good opportunity to get students, health and sports teams at the University of Sunderland involved in supporting the work that the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) is doing.

“UniSpace Sunderland has been firmly established as a leading conference and events space in both Sunderland and the entire North East region and we look to continue this momentum in the coming months.”

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